Wednesday 26 March 2014

Featured Vendor on Vineyard Bride

A Divine Affair has become the newest vendor to be added to the Featured Vendors on Vineyard Bride.  This site is a great resource for couples getting married in the Niagara Region.  Along with listing many Wonderful Niagara Vendors...  it is a great site for inspiration as there are real Niagara Weddings being posted frequently.  Check it out!
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Monday 17 March 2014

Why you should hire a Day-of Coordinator or Full Planner

Why Hire a Day-of Coordinator or Full Planner/Coordinator… Which do you need???

There are many reasons why hiring a Wedding Planner for your Wedding will benefit you.  Depending on your needs, you may be looking for a planner to assist in the planning of everything… you may be looking for someone to assist with planning only some things… or you may simply want someone to assist on the Big Day!
The following is only a small list of reasons for needing a Full Planning Package... 
·          Planning from a distance 
·          Not sure where to start?  And once you have… what comes next?
·          Too busy with work, school or other activities... no time to dedicate towards planning 
·          Unsure of how to make your ideas and general vision a reality
·          Over whelmed... in over your head...
·          Want your important day to be planned to perfection by a Professional 
·          Don't want to miss anything
·          Multi-cultured and not sure how to tie the different cultures together  
·          Prefer to enjoy the planning process instead of adding stress to relationships with your spouse and family 
·          Want to have fun at your own wedding instead of working at it 
·          Would like a lavish, unique or personalized event and need help with the finer details 
·          Been married before and don't want to go through the trials of planning another
·          Parents of small children making it more difficult to go around to tons of venues and vendors before you find one you like 

But… What happens when your budget just simply doesn’t allow you to hire a Planner to do full or partial planning?  Day-of/Month-of Coordination packages are the next best thing and in my opinion an absolute necessity and life-saver on your Wedding Day! 

I recommend highly that every single couple that forgoes hiring a Full Planner and decides to plan their own wedding, hire a Day-of/Month-of Coordinator.  It was already stressful enough having to plan the entire Wedding on your own… Give yourself the peace of mind on your Big Day and hire a Coordinator to ensure everything runs as planned and to deal with the stresses that arise on the Big Day.  Your peace of mind and enjoyment on your Wedding Day will be more than worth it! 

There are many reasons why I believe it is important to hire a Wedding Planner/Coordinator for at least Day-of/Month-of services. 

·          With the amount of money and resources being spent on your big day… don’t you want to ensure everything runs smoothly and just as planned?  Even if the planning was done by yourself, the Day-of Coordinator will ensure everything goes according to your plans.

·          This is your party and one of the most important days of your life… If a problem were to arise, do you want to be interrupted while talking to family and friends, during speeches, pictures or when you are trying to enjoy your dinner?  Having A Divine Affair there ensures that any and all issues that arise are taken care of for you.  You are able to relax and enjoy your day stress-free without having to become a last minute problem solver!

·          What could go wrong???  The list of unwanted surprises that could arise is endless, but here are a couple scenarios… 

o    The make-up artist is sick and unfortunately unable to come the morning of your Wedding…  A Divine Affair is there with a list of backups to find you an available replacement!
o    What if the Groom has dropped something on his shirt while getting ready…  A Divine Affair can get a last minute replacement from the rental company.
o    Oh no...  A Wedding Crasher has arrived and they are ordering a drink at the bar…  A Divine Affair can escort them from the Wedding.
o    Oops…  Cousin John brought a date that he didn’t inform you of…  A Divine Affair will ensure there is a place setting for the new guest.
o    The band is going to be late…  A Divine Affair will ensure the party gets started by either finding a replacement or hooking up a temporary solution to get the party started!
o    Limo doesn’t arrive…  A Divine Affair can arrange for alternate transportation.

·          Family and Friends are guests at your Wedding.  Why are you putting them to work?  Let your mother enjoy catching up with family she hasn’t seen in a while…  Spend time with your bridesmaids getting ready and taking pictures before the Wedding.  They want to relax and enjoy your day with you instead of having to run around getting things done and not having enough time to get ready themselves.

·          Day-of Coordinators are there to ensure that the day runs as planned.  A Divine Affair coordinates the arrival times and set-up for all of the Vendors and ensures they are setting up to your expectations.  We are double-checking all details such as floor plans, seating, lighting and temperature levels, place settings, all deliveries, set-ups and your personalized details to ensure that nothing was missed. 

·          We attend the rehearsal and are there to conduct if the Officiant wasn’t hired to conduct the rehearsal.  This also makes for a great opportunity to have the entire Wedding party and immediate family meet the coordinator whom they will be going to with any issues on the Big Day.

What exactly is a Day-of Coordinator???

Day-of Coordinators aren’t only there on the day of your Wedding.  Typically a Month before your Wedding you would meet with your Day-of Coordinator.  During the month before your Wedding A Divine Affair would…

·          Ensure all loose ends are tied up in your Wedding plans.  We are there to make sure you haven’t missed anything. 
·          Create an in-depth Wedding Day agenda with arrival times, set-up times, photo times, ceremony, food service, speeches, etc…
·          Contact Venue and all Vendors and confirm details prior to your Wedding day.
·          Attend your last meeting with the Venue to discuss final details on guest count, the menu and get a good idea of how you envision the space will look.
·          Attend/Conduct the rehearsal. 

What if the Venue comes with a Venue Coordinator?

A Day-of Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator are 2 very different things.
The Venue Coordinator is an employee of the Venue.  They are simply there to show the Venue to couples and assist with Venue related things such as tastings and menu choices.  On the day of your Wedding they are there to ensure things are running smoothly with Venue related items such as food service, set up of tableware and cleanup.  They also often leave once your meal is served. 

Your Day-of Coordinator is with you the entire day.  A Divine Affair will do any and everything they can to ensure your day is perfect for you.  Your Day-of Coordinator will be there to assist in any problem be it small or large that may arise anytime during the day of the Wedding or even the month leading up to it.  They are there to ensure the timeline is being followed throughout the day.  They will prompt the Vendors and MC on when to announce the next speech or event such as dances, cake cutting and bouquet toss.  They will be there to assist with the lining up of your Wedding party for the ceremony and fix your train before you walk down the aisle.  They will be there to open the door for your Grand Entrance… Your planner is like your personal sidekick all day to help you and consult with you on anything you need.  They are there to troubleshoot with Vendors and ensure every aspect of the Wedding runs smoothly, not just the Venue.  Main difference… A Venue Coordinator works for the Venue… The Day-of Coordinator works for you.  The Day-of Coordinator will ensure every detail and aspect of your Wedding runs exactly as planned.

Now that you know a bit more about the benefits of hiring a Day-of/Month-of Coordinator…

Here is a list of some of the services included within the Day-of/Month-of Coordination and Full Planning packages that A Divine Affair offers to help you decide which best suits your needs. 
  Day-of Coordination vs. Full Planning
·          Create a wedding day agenda
·          Confirming final details with Vendors and Venue
·          Attend final meeting with Venue
·          Attend/Conduct Wedding Rehearsal
·          Instruct and oversee all duties of participants
·          Oversee set-up
·          Assist Bride & Bridesmaids with dressing
·          Supervise all Vendors and Professionals
·          Handle necessary payments
·          Supervise and assist with day of Photography
·          Guidance and Assistance with Ceremony Processional and Recessional
·          Double-checking final details
·          Attend to guests’ special needs
·          Ensure everything runs as planned
·          On site Supervision and Direction of the Wedding Ceremony and Reception
·          Book Venue Visits
·          Create Personalized Timeline
·          Research and Suggest Vendors based on your budget, theme and personalities.
·          Book all Vendor Meetings (Including but not limited to photographers, florist, DJ, transportation, decor and caterers)
·          Attend all Meetings with Vendors and Venues
·          Negotiate Prices or Services with Vendors and Venue
·          Review all Vendor Contracts (A Divine Affair does not dispense legal advice but will look over contracts to ensure nothing is missing)
·          Full development of the Wedding Theme you have chosen
·          Assistance with wording of Invitations
·          Vendor Follow-up and Confirmations
·          Budget Management
·          Manage all logistics
·          Create a wedding day agenda
·          Confirming final details with Vendors and Venue
·          Attend final meeting with Venue
·          Attend/Conduct Wedding Rehearsal
·          Instruct and oversee all duties of participants
·          Oversee set-up
·          Assist Bride & Bridesmaids with dressing
·          Supervise all Vendors and Professionals
·          Guidance and Assistance with Ceremony Processional and Recessional
·          Double-checking final details
·          Handle necessary payments
·          Supervise and assist with day of Photography
·          Attend to guests’ special needs
·          Ensure everything runs as planned
·          On site Supervision and Direction of the Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Thursday 6 March 2014

Spring 2014 Colour and Theme Trends

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When choosing your colour palette, make sure you choose colours that suit your personality, theme and venue.  If you have a very outgoing personality… chose brighter colours.  Choosing a bright, bold colour and pairing it with lighter shades of the colour and adding a light accent colour will create a create palette to work with.  Do not just choose one colour for your wedding.  Choose 3 or 4 colours that compliment eachother!

Pantone has revealed its top colors for the Spring 2014 season.  The designers created a modern twist on the traditional spring soft pastels and paired them with bright colours.  Spring is such a lovely season for Weddings.  Usually Spring weddings are full of pastels and watered down shades of colour.  This year we will be seeing bright pops of colour being incorporated in colour palettes.  Bright colours such as Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple will be mixed in with the pastel pinks, mints and blues traditionally seen in spring.

We will be seeing bigger, bolder floral not only in bouquets but in centerpieces as well.  The use of large blooms, fruit and succulents will be popular in floral design.  We are going to continue to see gold or silver within wedding palettes.  Cakes are going to become more and more popular.  Last year, cupcakes and cake pops were very popular choices but this year we will see cakes making a comeback.  We will be seeing hand-painted cakes, ombre cakes and naked cakes.  We have been and will continue to see a lot of personalization in all aspects of the wedding.  Couples are putting their own personalities into key elements to really make the wedding their own.

There are 3 very popular themes for this upcoming season.  The 1920’s, Rustic, and Bright Colours.

The 1920’s:

This theme is a very sophisticated and elegant theme that became popular because of “The Great Gatsby”.  French champagne and oysters served during cocktail hour is a great way to start off this evening of sophistication.  Accessorize your curve hugging gown with a 1920’s style headband, bold jewelry and feathers.  The glamorous and dramatic décor will include monograms, crystals and feathers.  You will be seeing Art Deco style jewelry and designs on invitations and in décor.  The colour palette typically used for this theme would be black, white and gold.  To finish off the theme… arrive and leave in a Vintage Rolls-Royce.


The vintage themes we have been seeing have been evolving into more of a rustic theme.  Vintage lace, pearls and pastel type themes remain popular but couples are really being drawn to the rustic barn or winery type wedding.  Keeping some vintage elements and adding more rustic elements such as wooden signs, burlap, twine and mason jars.  Barns are in high demand as a venue for this theme.  The use of wheat and wild flowers on tablescapes and in bouquets add to the theme.  We will see a lot of handmade décor and favours.

Bright Colours:

The Pantone colour of the year is Radiant Orchid.  We will be seeing brighter, bolder and more dramatic colours.  Bright colours such as Yellow, Blue or Orange paired with a more neutral colour like grey or a light brown will be seen.  Using the bright colour chosen within every detail of the wedding will pull everything together.  Create signature cocktails in this colour.  Sugar flowers can be used on cakes to provide the bright pops of colour.  There will be bold striped patterns being used on stationary and in décor.  Using the colour on the invitation, in your accessories, in the floral and napkins creates those fun and bold pops of colour throughout the wedding.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Style Me Pretty Feature - Jennifer & Andrew


Jennifer and Andrew had their Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty.
It was an absolutely gorgeous Wedding with the ceremony taking place at the Floral Showhouse in Niagara Falls and the Reception in the Balls Falls Barn
This is a great example of DIY done amazingly well!!! It was such a Beautiful Wedding. Please check it out!
Planner:  A Divine Affair
Ceremony:  Niagara Parks Weddings
Reception:  Ball’s Falls Conservation Area
Band:  Parkside Drive
Photographer:  Beth & Ty in Love
Officiant:  Cathy from Kettle Creek Weddings
Sweets Table:  Above and Beyond Cupcakes
Florist:  J & J Floral Expressions
Videographer:  Outside In Studio
Hair and Makeup:  Allure

Elegant Wedding Feature - Lianne & Dave

Lianne and Dave’s Wedding has been featured in the current issue of Elegant Wedding.
Their stunning affair was Black, Ivory and Gold with the romance of candlelight.
If you have your copy check out page 94 to see my lovely couple and their gorgeous wedding!
If you don’t have a copy… Go out and get one! :)
Coordinator:  A Divine Affair
Ceremony: Our Lady of the Scapular
Reception: Weddings at White Oaks
Photographer: Alan C Lee ~ Photography
Videographer: AMV Productions
Floral: Lush Florals and Events
Decor: Gala Décor
 DJ: Spirit Of Sound Inc.
Cake: Willow Cakes and Pastries
Sweets Table: Designer Delights

WPIC "Fearless in 2014" Kick Off Event

Last week I had the opportunity to join with 100 other WPIC Certified Wedding Professionals and enjoy a lovely Vintage Circus Themed evening.  The evening was planned by the wonderful WPIC regional reps who did a marvelous job of creating the theme for the evening.

 The event was held at the Eaton Chelsea in Downtown Toronto.  As soon as I walked into the cocktail hour in the Courtyard, I was surrounded by Circus!  There were snow cones… pretzels… games… a tarot card reader… a slow motion photo booth and a Ring master!  The first thing I did was grab a delicious snow cone from Sweet Ice Snow Cones (  I went for a Lemon Lavendar snow cone and it was delicious!  After this I tried some fresh chips from Spudniks (  I tried their Buffalo BBQ flavour and they were soooooo yummy!  I then made my way over to the Tarot Card reader and grabbed myself a second snow cone before heading into the reception hall (strawberry flavoured this time).

We had 2 guest speakers for the evening.  The first was Michael Coombs who spoke about ”Pride, Perseverance and Fear”.  He discussed his life as a DJ, first in Clubs and then on Radio and then eventually into the Wedding Industry.  He talked about his ups and downs along the path that lead him to his dream job as a Wedding DJ.

The second speaker of the evening was Jennifer Maxwell who spoke about ”Standing in the Face of Fear”.  We are all faced with fears throughout our careers and our lives.  Jennifer spoke about how to Identify your fears and maneuver through them.

The food during our Marché styled dinner was circus themed and very yummy.  Especially the pulled pork sliders and the pickles on a stick!  During dinner we had two circus performances by A2D2 (  After dinner and all of the speakers, there were a few prizes given out.  I actually was lucky enough to win one!  I won a handmade headband by With Abandon (  After the music started, in walked a woman wearing a very delicious looking wedding dress with our late night snacks by Cakes Cove (  At the end of the evening we were given a swag bag full of Wedding Magazines and other wonderful goodies.
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Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honor Roll

I have just been selected for the 2014 Wedding Industry Experts Honour Roll.
I am now a part of a very exclusive group of worldwide Wedding Professionals.  I am being recognized for my inspiring work with other Wedding Professionals from around the World.
It’s because of all my past and present clients that I get to do what I love every day.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful couples and create their special day exactly as they dreamed it would be!  Thank you to all of my couples for letting me be a part of one of the most important days of your lives!