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Priska & Sharifa's Niagara Winery Wedding

To say these two ladies are truly meant for each other is an understatement.  I quickly realized during our Wedding planning that they compliment each other so well and are so perfectly matched.  Not only do they care so deeply about each other, but they care so much about their dog Kane who obviously had to be there to join in on their Big Day with them!

Both ladies got ready in separate rooms at the Prince of Wales with their Bridesmaids.  Both ladies had their sisters as their Maids of Honour.  
Before the Ceremony in front of the pond at Hernder Estate Winery, guests were encouraged to enjoy some frozen yogurt and fill out the crossword puzzle which was located on the back of their ceremony program fans.  After the Ceremony, Priska and Sharifa walked through an arch made from Hockey Sticks held up by some of their friends on their Hockey team and then guests were led on a Winery tour while family photos took place.

At the beginning of the reception, Priska and Sharifa participated in some traditional Indian Wedding Ceremonies.  First was the Baandhni where both Brides's mothers soon on each side of the Brides holding a protective shawl over them to symbolically unite the families together.  They led Priska and Sharifa onto 2 wooden pedestals where they began the Saapatia Ceremony.  During this ceremony, 2 sets of clay plates are placed in front of Priska and Sharifa, each containing Moong or Lentils which represents bounty of nature, Silver which represents wealth, Sugar which represents sweetness and harmony and Tumeric for good health.  The couple must break the Saapatia by stepping on them to release the gifts they contain.  Traditionally, whoever breaks theirs first is believed to rule the household... By Photo Proof it seems to be an exact tie for Priska and Sharifa which totally doesn't surprise me at all!!!  The last Ceremony was the Chero where some of the nieces and nephews in their families held onto the Brides and demanded a ransom before they can take their respective place in the family.  Priska and Sharifa offered them some gag gifts first to make it more fun.  Some of the gifts included were a thesaurus, multiplication flash cards and cleaning supplies.  When the kids got to open up their real gifts, they included lego and jewelry making kits.  With these gifts, the kids finally gave them permission to be together!

After the ceremonies, guests enjoyed a lovely Slideshow put together by their MC then dinner was served.  After dessert, Priska's mother surprised the couple with a lovely poem.  During Priska and Sharifa's speech, a Birthday Cake was brought out to Celebrate Natalie and Sharifa's Birthdays which both happen to be taking place during the same weekend as their Wedding.  Their Wedding was full of Love for each other, their families and the combining of their cultures (Swiss and Indian)  It was a Beautiful Day for a Beautiful Wedding!  

Vendors Include:
Wedding Planning and Coordination: A Divine Affair
Photography: Nataschia Wielink
Officiant: Judith Twells
Decor: Gala Decor
Hair and Make up: Honor Beauty
Stationery: Defining Moments
Transportation: Dynasty Limo

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