Friday 6 June 2014

Engagement Photos... Are they Necessary?

Engagement Photos... Are they Necessary?

After a very long cold winter... Spring is finally upon us.  One of the biggest tell-tale signs is the cherry blossoms!  This can probably be one of the busiest times for photographers, wedding season has really kicked off, plus portrait sessions, more specifically, engagement sessions!

Many brides ask me what I think about Engagement photos and if I believe they are necessary.  I personally think that they are a very good idea and something that should be considered for a few reasons.  I have asked Eva Derrick of Eva Derrick Photography to weigh in on her opinion of Engagement Photo Sessions.

Why do an engagement session?
"Some photographers might look at things differently than I do, but this is something that I include, complimentary in all of my wedding collections, and here's why." 

1.  Sometimes it's a chance to actually meet with the groom!  Wedding photographers are most often selected by the bride, and in the fast paced world we live in, sometimes consults are done solo, so many times this might be our first chance to meet in person. 

2.  It is a wonderful way to get to know each other, and continue to build on the relationship.  I take on minimal wedding clients each year to offer a more personal unique experience, and to help make this full circle, getting to know my couples one on one makes this more authentic.  

3.  Engagement sessions, also known to some photographers as a "practice session" can be just that.  It is a great way to practice how your couple photographs best.  Everyone is different, and therefore need to be photographed differently; and when you are photographing two people at the same time, they might need to be manoeuvred in a way to ensure they both look their best.  This is a great time to learn those cues, and keep them in mind for the wedding day when you might be on a tighter timeline.

4.  Almost all of my clients have never had a professional portrait session before, and might feel a little intimidated or unsure what to expect from the session, this reason alone is key.  If you are someone that might be nervous around the camera, or feel you "don't photograph well"  having an engagement session done is a great way to let those feelings pass.  This can also ensure you are much more confident in the process on your wedding day! 

5.  Sometimes it nice simply to have some additional imagery.  Whether you decide to send out save the dates, hang some canvas prints, have a custom guest book or album designed, this is a great way to get those images.   

The process leading up to the wedding is a wonderful emotional journey you are taking on together; often the biggest step you are planning together, so why not take some time to reflect, by capturing some memories together.  Whether it is something very personal like going up north to spend a quiet weekend together at your favourite cottage, or a picnic in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon, capturing those moments together is precious in so many ways.
Eva is a very talented Photographer in the Niagara Region with 9 years of professional experience.  For more examples of her amazing work and information on her services, please visit her website