Saturday 9 May 2015

Creative Proposal Idea - The League of Intrigue

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The League of Intrigue

You know how many guys there are out there that feel the pressure of coming up with a proposal that gives his soon to be wife a proposal story worth telling...

It is tough coming up with a creative way to "Pop the Question"!  
But guess what... I have the perfect idea for you!!!  One any girl would love!  Who wouldn't like a little adventure and mystery popping up in their daily lives...

I spoke with Nathan from The League of Intrigue and got a little more information about the fabulous idea!

Hey Nathan, tell me about yourself?
Well, my name is Nathan Infantino, 31yrs old. Born and raised in Niagara. I'm passionate about food, wine, entertainment, travel and the social aspects of life.

What exactly is League of Intrigue?
The League of Intrigue is an organization which specializes in very unique and entertaining gift packages. It's a game, or an adventure of sorts. There has always been the problem "what do I get the person in life that has it all?" well, they've never experienced anything like this. It works for all occasions and dynamics but our experiences really stand out in a romantic type setting. We have expanded into wedding proposals, and the success and "wow" factor is exceeding our expectations.

How did you come up with this creative idea and how long have you been doing this?
The idea came to me in 2010. My girlfriend at the time, now wife, had taken a temporary work posting in a fairly remote location. After some time there she began to feel lonely and isolated, so I set to work on keeping her entertained and on her toes with surprises and clues in the mail all with the promise of leading her to a big surprise at the end. It worked out better than I had imagined and from then on the League was born.

What do you find most challenging about it?
The most challenging aspects are finding the sweet spot for every client, we never want to make the adventure too difficult or too easy. And, keeping it completely unique and fresh. No one will ever have the same experience as you did. This is especially important with the proposals. Your proposal is  completely one of a kind, yours and only yours, forever.

Can you customize one for a client’s specific needs?
Yes, our packages are actually customized and tailored to every individual recipient. Everything varies, from the level of difficulty, package content, the execution of the adventure, and the overall length of time of the package. A typical adventure can last anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks, although there is no limit on that.

How do you keep coming up with all of the one of a kind ideas?
When coming up with ideas, I tend to draw inspiration from many different sources. Most tend to come from experiences I've had, experiences I WISH I've had, movies, books, childhood memories and social media. I also collaborate with the other members of the organization as well as friends and family who work and specialize in the entertainment/arts and wedding industries.

Sounds like a lot of work for you, how much does this cost?
While it is a lot of work, we try to make this experience affordable for everyone. We have packages that can start as low as $199.

Thanks Nathan for giving us a little more insight on this really fun idea!  If anyone ever wants to give this girl a fun gift... I will be waiting for my first clue! :)

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