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Calligraphy with Corsivo Calligraphy

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Personalize your Wedding Stationary with Corsivo Calligraphy

Photo Credit: Wendy Alana Photography
Calligraphy is an ancient decorative handwriting technique. I believe it is so beautiful and I am completely jealous of anyone that is able to do it!  It is something that used to be seen often in Wedding stationary but had been unfortunately replaced with the super easy and cost saving digital age. Luckily... we have been starting to see couples wanting to really personalize their weddings and Calligraphy is coming back as a way to do that!

I recently met with Carmela from Corsivo Calligraphy for a coffee to get to know her and learn a bit more about this beautiful art form.
Carmela was influenced by the European culture when she studied in Italy, but also now by the beauty that surrounds her daily in Niagara's Wine Country. The Italian culture, landscape, and rich history has always inspired Carmela.  So much so that she named her company Corsivo {cor-see-voh}, which means script or cursive in Italian - a language she speaks and loves.

What is calligraphy?
Calligraphy is art created with words ‐ a form of personal expression. It’s a tangible connection to previous eras. It’s feeling the presence of all those before me who wrote to reflect, wrote to question, wrote to inspire. Calligraphy both conveys and evokes sentiments. Calligraphy is more than
just hand‐lettering and forming letters, it’s a lifestyle.

How did you get interested in calligraphy?
I became interested and passionate about the world of art and calligraphy as a young girl when I sat alongside my mother and nonna (“grandmother” in Italian), carefully learning to write each letter of the alphabet. I was gifted a book about calligraphy from my parents after I learned to write, and I just practiced for hours on end. The written word ‐ and how to express it in an aesthetically beautiful way became not only a hobby but a part of who I was and am today.

Which style of calligraphy best suits specific themes
such as vintage, rustic, elegant, quirky, etc.?Although fine art or organic calligraphy does go best with a more elegant and formal affair, I believe that when choosing the style, as a calligrapher, I need to consider not only the theme, but the clients as individuals and from there.. Once I’ve gained an understanding of my client’s preferences, the calligraphy style evolves and becomes to reflect this.

How long does it take you?
I dedicate a lot of care into each piece I design. The length of time varies and is dependent upon the project itself ‐ whether it be designing a monogram for a couple or a new logo for a company, writing out place cards, creating signage for a wedding, etc. When possible, I will personally meet with my clients to discuss their vision ‐ I like to get to know them as friends. Based on the information they provide me, I complete research for inspiration. All of my work is custom and while I do provide the option to digitize work, everything begins as a hand‐lettered piece. For projects such as designing logos or invitation suites, the process can go through several rounds of drafts, so they require a substantial amount of time. This is why when you hire a calligrapher, you’re not simply investing in paper and ink products ‐ you’re investing in the care and time given to each piece.

What is your favourite style?
While I am able to write in various styles, my preferred is an organic and fine art style, inspired by the time I spent in Italy studying Art. The flow of the letters creates an elegant, ethereal, timeless feel and is inspired by the collective vision of my clients and myself. This is what makes each piece unique.

How long have you been doing it for?
On a personal level, calligraphy has been a part of my life since I was a young girl. On a professional level, I’ve begun to offer my calligraphy services in Niagara and beyond over the last 6 months or so.

Is calligraphy expensive?
Calligraphy is an investment in your special day. The stationery sets the tone for the whole event and choosing to invest in handmade goods not only shows your guests that you care, but also leaves you with something tangible that can be shared with the your children or grandchildren for years to come. Calligraphy means investing in what will become an heirloom piece. There are many different price entry points. The cost is a reflection of not only the finished product, but the time invested in making each piece, as well as the materials used. Customization such as using water colour or gold ink, for example, or adding a custom monogram, affect the price. Also, handmade paper will cost more than using premium card stock.. That being said, the feel and look of handmade paper with deckled edges creates such a beautiful impression. :)

Where can I use calligraphy in a wedding?
Calligraphy can be used in so many different ways for the wedding day and beyond ‐ Save the Date cards, invitation suites, envelope addressing, day of stationery (place cards, signage, vow books, etc.), gift tags, boutonniere tags, hangers for the bridal attire, monogram designs, custom address stamps, thank you cards, art prints of ceremony readings. Also, I am able to write on a multitude of surfaces ‐ wood, chalkboards, champagne bottles, sea shells, ribbon, table runners... the possibilities really are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Calligraphy can also be used to mark other special occasions as well ‐ bachelorette parties, baby showers, anniversaries, baptisms, the purchase of a new home ‐ just to name a few.
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Photo Credit: Wendy Alana Photography